Bude, Cornwall

A warm welcome to Woolstone Manor Farm

A warm welcome to Woolstone Manor Farm

Drive to Cottons Cottage

Every single time we drive up the Woolstone Manor Farm driveway, weight instantly lifts from our shoulders.

It really is the most magical place.

During a recent visit to Cottons Cottage, we met the new owners of one of our neighbouring barns. They were heading home (reluctantly) after a week’s holiday. As they spoke about their week, they were beaming and their parting comment was, “it’s just such a special spot.” We couldn’t agree more.

So, here we share a little bit more about Woolstone Manor farm, where Cottons Cottage is located.

Aerial view of a sunset over Widemouth Bay from Cottons Cottage (Photography by tvcameracrew.com)

When did we buy our holiday cottage? 

Here’s the story. The short version. 

Mike and I talked about buying a bolthole in Cornwall for years. Usually during our many camping trips to Crackington Haven throughout our twenties.

(Side note: If you’re staying at the cottage Crackington Haven is just a 15-20 minute drive away and is well worth a visit).

But in Spring 2010, the time felt right to make those dreams more of a reality.

I’d not long turned 30 and seemed to be on a mission to do everything – from running a half marathon and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to learning to street dance and giving up a corporate career in favour of becoming a freelance writer

Mike had been freelance TV camera operator for years, so we came up with a hair-brained scheme to buy a holiday cottage to rent out as a substitute for our non-existent company pensions. 

(Side note: This is not financial advice – we have absolutely zero expertise in this area).

A hangover, a detour & buying a rural holiday cottage in Cornwall

Then, on one sunny Monday in May 2010, we found ourselves taking quite a dramatic scenic detour on our way back home from a friend’s 30th birthday party in London. We lived in Birmingham at the time.

We impulsively booked a viewing to see a pretty looking cottage we’d spotted on RightMove. It was Cottons Cottage – a quaint stone barn on Woolstone Manor Farm.

It ticked the boxes of being close to the sea and had the rural views we were craving (being city dwellers at the time.)

After looking around the barn, we were encouraged to take a stroll around the woodland walk that’s part of the Woolstone Manor Farm estate.

With bluebells and wild garlic in full bloom, we absolutely fell in love with this little piece of Cornwall. 

The search for our Cornish bolthole was over after this single viewing.

So, what makes our rural holiday cottage so special?

Once a working farm (Cottons Cottage was originally the dairy barn), Woolstone Manor Farm is now home to a cluster of self-catered holiday barns.

As our guests, you can enjoy all the benefits this special location offers.

1. Uninterrupted rural views

Perched on a hill and surrounded by rolling farmland, Woolstone Manor Farm is just a stone’s throw from Widemouth Bay. But when you’re there, you feel a million miles from anywhere.

2. 20 acres of Cornish countryside to explore

Meander around the farm, walk alongside the river, discover the lake and a woodland trail.

3. Meet the residents

You may come across some of the locals as you roam the fields.

4. Don’t forget your tennis racquets

Play a quick set of tennis at the indoor court.

5. Go fishing on the Woolstone lake

Or just enjoy watching the resident geese and ducks at play.

6. Sit back and enjoy the view

Relax in your own private sun spot in the cottage’s garden

7. Entertainment on site

There’s a games room and play barn for toddlers (opening again once COVID restrictions are lifted.) And a giant chess set if you fancy mastering the Queen’s Gambit.

Experience it for yourself

A couple of weekends ago, Mike and I walked through the woodland (now with our two little daughters in tow) and once again marvelled at the carpet of bluebells and wild garlic.

We still get that same magical feeling that we got when we first viewed Cottons Cottage. And we love sharing our lovely rural holiday cottage with our guests too.

If you would like to book, please head over to our online booking page.


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